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After much frustration at the specs of the Nokia 808 PureView, I decided to design my own versions of my dream Camera-Phone.





The Lumia 828 is targeted at combatting the nexus 4 with a budget price and the Lumia 928 has its sights set against the king of the market (samsung galaxy s3).



Camera and Screen


They both feature the original PureView 41mp camera, however they both come with larger and higher resolution screens (4.3 inches 720p and 4.8 inches 1080p respectively). Since the Lumia 828 is a budget priced phone, it comes with HSPA+ whereas the Lumia 928 features Dual Band 4G LTE.



Operating System:




Windows 8 Phone is great but it could be alot better. If Nokia can make their own apps, then why can,t they make an appearance changing app? The Nokia enhanced Windows Phone 8 concept takes the original idea of having both the personalised desktop and the start menu. Having an app display replace the original WP8 app list means a more comfortable design for those new to WP8.


The part where WP8 really fails however compared to other operating systems is the lack of attractive skins and imagery on the platform. With new transparent default colours, reduced icon sizes and bright and colourful wallpapers, the WP8 Nokia Concept looks more beautiful than ever.





The Nokia Lumia 928 and 828 PureView are Phones that can fit everybody's budget without compromising on quality.They are more than worthy of being the next generation Phones in the Lumia line. After all, "Everybody Loves a Comeback"!



Design by Peter Waters, Beacon Infinity.


Please feel free to post your comments down below!

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personalized ipad case design artist

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Never got one of this during its launch, but I am looking forward for the next version.


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