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1. Improved Appearance

Windows 8 is well known for its very vibrant, almost gaudy colours. In Windows 9, the colours should be toned down and made more subtle for a less intrusive experience. Pictures should also be featured even more in Windows 9 as they are more personal and friendly.

2. One OS for Phones and PCs

Right now there is a gap between Windows Phone and Windows 8. Microsoft should focus on bringing the two together to create Windows 9 mobile in which there is only one app store and only on OS to learn.

3. An OS that works well in portrait

Currently, Windows 8 is mostly a landscape OS. This is because with big devices such as a tablet, we often use our whole arms to swipe, and which unlike our thumbs, work better in landscape. We think that for ease of use, every gesture and tile should stay on exactly the same edge of the device that it was on before, meaning your start screen with its live tiles are displayed exactly the same as it is in portrait and you swipe up to scroll through your apps.

4. A virtual charms bar

In most apps you will find a search, share and options button already integrated. With windows 8 apps however, these commands are hidden away until you swipe for them. If these commands would normally already appear in an app, then why can't the charms bar be displayed all the time on the left where you will never forget where it is? This would also make for easier phone integration as there would be no need for buttons.

5. A notifications centre

Normally when you activate the charms bar in windows 8, you see the time and music playing. These should be integrated into one notifications center which activates every time you swipe left (up) from the virtual windows button so that you never lose track of your notifications.

6. One app switcher for classic and modern apps

One of the problems and confusions with Windows 8 was that modern apps were shown in the app switcher, but classic apps were shown in the desktop taskbar. In Windows 9, the desktop and modern apps should be united so that all the apps appear in one place in an app switcher that can be locked when used in desktop mode.

7. The ability to window modern apps

Sometimes when you're making a skype call, you're in the desktop and you're working on an important document but because of the restrictions, a large chunk of that space is taken up by your skype app. With windows 9, you should be able to window any apps you want so that you have complete control over what you're looking at. Think of it as three layers. At the top, you have got the start menu which lets you open and close any classic or modern app. In the middle you've got your classic and modern apps which always open in full screen, and at the bottom you've go the desktop in which you can window any app you're viewing full screen simply by dragging it into the middle.

8. One swipe from the left in Start to access the desktop

This feature would allow users to make use of a gesture which currently isn't assigned to anything for faster, more fluid navigation around Windows.

9. More and better productivity apps

When windows 8 came out, many people where annoyed at the fact that modern apps were fast and fluid but came at the cost of classic functionality. Microsoft needs to try and refocus on its productivity market and create modern apps that have the same functionality as classic ones in a cleaner package. As well as needing to refresh the file manager, they need to create a media editing suite that is exclusive to Windows that will capture the imagination of users as well as being a potential replacement for mac users. Possible programs could be art, design, video, photo audio and disc editors as well as an updated windows media player.

10. Convergence

Microsoft needs to embrace the future where Ubuntu have so far failed. Offering a full PC desktop experience from a high-end smartphone when attached to a monitor. Not only is it safer and simpler, it is space, time and money saving.


Ultimately, the only way for Microsoft to go now is forwards if they wish to catch up with the rest of the market. Let's just hope they make the right decisions and listen to what their consumers really want and not want they think they want.

This is what we would like to see and could be different to the Windows 9 you would like to see. Please tell us what you think and share your ideas in the comments below.

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